Frustration Ventilation

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

When I was a kid I spent all my green
To get you a gift only fit for a queen.
You said it was beautiful, it looked great on you.
Where is it now you ungrateful fool?
How the hell could you be so cruel?
You're thankless for everything that you have
Great children, a nice house, and even my dad.
You treat no one with the respect they deserve.
The things you say to me are totally ubsurd.
So you think that I'm a disappointment?
I think you're angry and filled with resentment.
At least I can say I've achieved my goals
I'm not bitter, disgusted, depressed, or cold.
If you ask me all you're doing is trying to live your life through me
You wish you tried harder to be all you can be.
Instead you took the easy way out.
Now your life is an ongoing bout.