Frustration Ventilation

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

When I was a kid I spent all my green
To get you a gift only fit for a queen.
You said it was beautiful, it looked great on you.
Where is it now you ungrateful fool?
How the hell could you be so cruel?
You're thankless for everything that you have
Great children, a nice house, and even my dad.
You treat no one with the respect they deserve.
The things you say to me are totally ubsurd.
So you think that I'm a disappointment?
I think you're angry and filled with resentment.
At least I can say I've achieved my goals
I'm not bitter, disgusted, depressed, or cold.
If you ask me all you're doing is trying to live your life through me
You wish you tried harder to be all you can be.
Instead you took the easy way out.
Now your life is an ongoing bout.

Tuesday, February 05, 2002

Does anyone out there care about me?
It seems they all just use me and flee.
I'm a good kid, a great friend, I got a big heart.
But I constantly get shat on like a fucking retard.
Should I become what I've always hated?
That kid who is cocky and unmotivated.
You all know who I'm talking about.
That kid who's too stupid to have any doubt.
They think that the world owes them something.
Why? Who knows, but they got another thing coming.
Maybe not now, but the time will come soon
When people like me will begin to bloom;
And all the assholes out there will one day realize
that cruising through life will lead to their demise.

Thursday, January 31, 2002

Life ain't easy when you're all alone.
No friends, no family, no place to call home.
No one there to give you advice.
No one there to guide you through life.
No one to bring you up when you're down.
No one to lend a hand when you're on the ground.
No one to chill with 3:47 at night.
No one to back you if you get in a fight.
Can anyone out there relate to this poem?
If you can, remember, one day you'll show 'em.
You'll show them what you're capable of,
Then they'll all come back, begging for your love.

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Why must I struggle to get out of bed?
Why are thoughts constantly running through my head?
Why do I have no goals or direction?
Why is it so hard just to pay some attention?
Why does no one try to assist me
Throught times of despare, hatred, and confusion?
Why is no one there for me?
My mother and father especially.
Why must they always make matters worse
By emphasizing my failures and restoring my hurt?
Why can't they ever be satisfied?
They'll probably find disappointment in me until the day that they die.

Why must you always do this to me?
One minute you love me, the next you ignore me.
I don't think I did anything to hurt you.
If I did I am sorry, will you accept my apology?
I thought I was good to you, I thought we were friends.
Confide in each other until the end.
Apparently, however, this is not the case.
You're a liar, a fake. You're fucking two-faced.

If you open your eyes
I think you'll realize
Everyone's disguise
Used to hide the pain in their lives.

It's now 2 p.m. and I still lie motionless in my bed.
I've been awake since noon, but I know I won't get up any time soon.
Why should I? I have nothing to look foward to.
I might as well just stay here and listen to some tunes.
They're the only thing that gets me through the day,
Unless I smoke pot or take shots, they make the pain go away.